Week 1 – Meet the chameleon

Theme: Learning about who TCKs are and familiarizing yourself with the context around TCKs

The focus of this week is to orient ourselves to who TCKs are and what kind of types of TCK backgrounds are most common.


There are two main readings this week (each about a five-minute read):

  1. Defining TCKs
  2. Overview of experiences and thinking paradigms that are unique to TCKs

You will find that within these readings, there are other hyperlinks given, if you want to find out more about a particular topic. Feel free to browse around as much as you like or not.


If you haven’t already done so, please complete the Demographic Survey. (The survey link was also included in the week 1 email. Please just complete the survey once.)

Focus group discussion topic

For the focus group discussion in week 1, we will be doing introductions of ourselves to the group. TCKs have a huge library of great stories from their international childhoods and usually, other TCKs implicitly understand the stories on a deeper level than anyone else. Before the focus group, please select one thing that demonstrates something from your past and one thing that demonstrates something about your present. This can be picture (personal or from the internet) or an item, etc. Be prepared to to the stories of your items during your self-introduction. You’ll have about five minutes to eight minutes to tell your stories.

If your photo or item is digital, you can load the file here for easy sharing during the group discussion. If your item is physical, the best way to share it is to hold it up to the camera.

Glossary and references

Here is the link to the glossary, if you need definitions for unfamiliar terms.

Here is the link to the references that I’ve used in the creation of this website.